Life Coaching

Invest in yourself now to create a better future

Sometimes when you are facing challenges or are not sure about your decisions, having another person listen to you and being on your side as a sounding board could give you confidence to make the necessary changes.


Through active listening and thought-provoking questions, I can help you work toward your personal and professional goals with greater clarity and ease.

Here are areas that I could guide you as your coach:

  • Get clarity in your goals
  • Find and manifest your dream
  • Find a purpose and meaning in your life and career
  • Become a more effective leader through gaining new tools and confidence
  • Improve your communication skills to enhance your influence and impact at work and in your personal life
  • Prepare to ask for your next raise, role, or next opportunity
  • Manage stress, time, or organization more efficiently
  • Make difficult decisions in your personal life or at work
  • Form better relationships and stronger networks
  • Increase the level of your happiness and well-being

Since coaching focuses on achieving your goal rather than processing painful experiences, it will take less time than psychotherapy.  Each session will be unique and individualized. We will collaboratively set the agenda and decide how we would spend each session, while there is a template we could use as well.

Since this is not providing psychotherapy, coaching does not include:

  • Diagnosing
  • Talking about childhood experiences
  • Exploring other aspects of your life which are not relevant to your goals

My unique coaching style and expertise has been developed over decades – combining elements of my professional experience in consulting, corporate leadership, and the latest psychology and counseling approaches. You will be guided by somebody who has sound knowledge in international business, management, leadership, Motivation Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Solution-Focused Therapy, Positive Psychology, Health Psychology, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Existential Therapy. When I assist you in your journey and provide advice, it is supported by accumulated research findings conducted by scholars and practitioners and evidence-based tools, in addition to my own experiences.

I have over 18 years of diverse working experience as a CPA and consultant in corporate America.  My clients included start-up executives, fortune 500 companies, and small business owners. I have led audits, worked on system implementations, assisted my corporate clients during their IRS and SEC inquiries, and worked as a member of executing reorganizations.

I take a holistic approach which means that I respect and adopt your values, life styles, and cultural background.

How my coaching services would look like:

I have been told that I am a result-driven coach who provides a non- judgmental and warm environment in which my clients felt comfortable and supported in doing self-discovery work.

My clients have appreciated working with me; they felt being understood, encouraged and gained more confidence. Having overcome my own life setbacks, I understand how overwhelming life can sometimes feel and how professional support can make a difference.

I will help you see hidden opportunities, conduct pros and cons analyses, and improve your communication skills. You can change how you motivate yourself (i.e. from guilt- or fear-driven to listening to your own voice), and identify and remove obstacles. Sometimes our own beliefs and fears are obstacles in achieving our goals.

You would be able to develop better habits, discover your potential and strengths. I could also provide you with handouts with provocative questions and tools to take home, give an outsider’s perspective, provide expert guidance to keep you on track, and most importantly we will envision positive outcomes together.

In each session, you will have a chance to assess your progress made toward your goal, so that you will have some sense of control, satisfaction, and assurance around your coaching services. I will incorporate your on-going feedback to adjust our plan and strategy.

My coaching includes email and text support between sessions. When we’re working together, I’m committed to be there for you when difficult situations arise and you need guidance between sessions.

Here you can make a 30-minute free consultation appointment to ensure that we are a good fit.

Empower yourself with coaching